Program Details

At the heart of our organization lies a deep commitment to the youth in our community. The Youth Agricultural Cooperative, and our journey is rooted in the principles of connecting communities, sustainability, youth empowerment, and the creation of a culture built on generosity, learning, mutual respect, and trust. Every decision our program makes is guided by our culture and principles

A Brief Overview of How Our Program Works

Our program runs year-round, and what truly sets us apart is the cooperative nature of our youth participants. They actively participate in all aspects of our projects, from site visits to guest speaker selections, crop choices, and even meal planning. Every decision is made collectively, fostering a sense of shared responsibility and collaboration. 

We are unwavering in our commitment to being youth-led. Our adult facilitators reach out to the community, identify opportunities, and present them to our youth members. The power to choose rests with the youth, as they collectively decide on site visits, guest speakers, crops to grow, and even the meals they share. Our program is designed to give youth the autonomy to shape their own experiences. We firmly believe that by allowing them to make decisions raises up the youth.

A Brief Overview of How Our Program Works

Our youth are not treated as students but as peers. We believe that when given the opportunity and responsibility, young individuals rise to the occasion, learn, and grow into leaders themselves.

The year-round program is divided into three essential groups: